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VFW Post History

The history of Crystal VFW #494 is a rich one that can be traced back decades. Today, the Charles R. Knaeble VFW Post 494 is known for its civic projects, including the Avenue of Flags at Glenhaven Cemetery in Crystal, where personal burial flags of veterans are flown every Memorial Day.

The History of Post 494

Charles R. Knaeble, son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Knaeble, entered military service before the start of WWII in February, 1941. When the attack on Pearl Harbor took place months later, it was the standard “duration and six months.” He was in the invasion of North Africa in 1942, the invasion of Sicily in 1943, and saw duty in England for a while, including the D-Day Invasion of France in which Charles was a tank turret gunner. In August of 1944 Charles was killed in battle at Percy, France when his tank was hit by German artillery.

Originally, the Charles Knaeble VFW Post 494 was named after the Spanish-American War veteran Hugo Hartig, during ceremonies performed on March 28th, 1931. The first Auxiliary was formed in 1931, just three months after the VFW post was formed. Because of an error, however, the Post was not registered with the State Department of VFWs. In 1947, Commander Orville Danielson registered the post as “Charles R. Knaeble Post 494” as an honor to the young man killed during WWII.

The Club also sponsors a Voice of Democracy program, Patriotic Art program, the “Patriots Pen,” National Home for Children, cancer aid and research, Buddy Poppy Month, Loyalty Day, and firearm safety. In addition, the “Cooties” work at hospitals, and are involved in other civic projects for our area and communities.

2014 – 2015 Post 494 Officers

• Commander: Larry Bengston
• Sr. Vice Commander: Donald Fernstrom

• Jr. Vice Commander: Jay Leamons

• Quartermaster: Jim Richter
• Gambling Manager/Assistant Quartermaster:
  John Hawk
• Adjutant: Harland Anderson
• Chaplain: Jim Doten

• Judge Advocate: Dan Zere
• Surgeon: Joseph Jennings
• Officer of the day: Bud Seaman
• Door Guard: Robert Vorderbruggen
• 1 Yr. Trustee: Lloyd Olson
• 2 Yr. Trustee: Robert Krause
• 3 Yr. Trustee: Jerry Thomas 
• 1 Yr. CMC Trustee: Jim Richter 

• 1 Yr. CMC Trustee: Jim Doten
• 1 Yr. CMC Trustee: Don Fernstrom
• 2 Yr. CMC Trustee: Steve Hawk 
• 2 Yr. CMC Trustee: Curt Skoog
• 2 Yr. CMC Trustee: Larry Bengston

• 3 Yr. CMC Trustee: Howard Beal 
• 3 Yr. CMC Trustee: John Rooney 
• 3 Yr. CMC Trustee: Robert Vorderbruggen

2013 – 2014 Auxiliary 494 Officers:
• President: Lisa Sundberg
• Sr. Vice President: Christina Sundberg
• Jr. Vice President: Rebecca Frich
• Secretary: Maddy Seaman
• Treasurer: Virginia Sroka
• Chaplain: Natalie Stuhr
• Conductress: Joan Tatley
• Guard: Marge Rubenstein
• Patriotic Instructor: Elizabeth Cochran
• 3rd Yr Trustee: Maddy Seman
• 2nd Yr Trustee: Carol Garies
• 1st Yr Trustee: Nancy Long


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